Perhaps it begins as just a bit of a twinge and you ignored it. Surely it will go away. Another day passes and it’s still nagging at you as you go about your daily routine. Days and then weeks pass. You really need to do something. How did this all start? It can be caused by lots of things. Your back does not usually just hurt and generally should NEVER just hurt, so you need to find out what’s causing it when it does.

Mechanical Problems

The Joint ...the chiropractic place® NC Chiropractors

The Joint …the chiropractic place® NC Chiropractors

As we get older, our discs will naturally lose their cushioning ability. To make it worse, these small disks can start to wear out. That is known as intervertebral disc degeneration, which may cause back pain. Occasionally, the pain will come on acutely when a disk breaks or bulges open, which can be known as a herniated or ruptured disk. Other reasons for pain can be from muscle tension or muscle spasms.

Beyond your back hurting, keep this in mind – problems in other parts of your body can lead to problems with your back or spine. For instance, let’s say your left foot is hurting. As you walk, you tend to favor the right foot and put more weight and pressure on it. While a few days of this may not be an issue, doing this for an extended period of time can  throw your spine out of alignment. For women, wearing high heels, particularly greater than THREE inches in height can cause misalignment and strain to the back. But do you realize that even flats may also cause pain and difficulties? Level shoes, sandals, and flip flops generally have little to no arch support, which could cause foot, knee, or back problems. If you’re going to wear shoes, it is best to wear shoes with some arch support.


Back problems may come from accidents or falls, but injuries do not always have to be “trauma level” to cause lots of suffering and pain. Sprains can appear from lifting or twisting. We’ve all heard the “lift with your legs and not with your back” line. How many of us actually follow that every time? Probably not many. A quick bend over to pick up a box from the spare bedroom to carry to the attic and there you have it – a nagging back problem that may bother you for days, weeks or months. A 20 to 30 lb box may NOT be much, but it only takes a muscle not quite ready, not quite in line and you can have a real problem.

When performing these movements, you must always use great technique. Injuries may also occur over time from osteoporosis, although fractures of the vertebrae may come from a traumatic injury.  Some folks are simply born with all the inclination for this to happen, although occasionally it may come from having poor nutrition.

Poor Daily Practices

In our modern workplace, poor seated posture is a big cause for back pain and one of the big reasons we see many new patients coming through the door. Slumped over posture while seated in front of a keyboard is an absolute no-no. Poor position over time can and will cause irreversible injury to your back and may lead to ongoing pain. In general, any type of sedentary activity often leads to pain and difficulties. Sitting and/or lying for prolonged durations of time may also place pressure in various regions of your back. Another common problem can be sleeping on your tummy.

Many large companies, and even some small ones, have groups specifically to help create ergonomically sound workspaces for the workers. From raising or lowering desk heights to getting proper seating in place, these groups can do a lot to ensure your workspace will be ergo-friendly.

Help your back! Throughout the day, particularly if you are a “couch potato”, make sure you get up and move around a bit. Shift your position frequently. You can also help your overall health (and of course, your back) by finding methods to alleviate tension. Anxiety may cause muscle tissue to tense up very regularly and lead to ongoing aches and pains, and spasm. Stress, depression, sleeplessness, as well as other mental problems also impact muscle tissue.

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Diseases and Tumors

Occasionally, pain comes from diseases and inflammation. Common examples are osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and fibromyalgia. Tumors sometimes appear in the back as well, but this is uncommon. Nonetheless, this could be caused by a cancer or alternative disease spreading from a different area of the body.

Get it checked out

Back pain may come from a lot of things. If it lasts more than a few days and does not seem to be improving, one of the best moves you can make is to go visit a skilled practitioner or doctor. We suggest visiting a chiropractor first, but we may be a bit biased! However you do it, don’t just live with back pain. Back pain is something that can be alleviated or diminished greatly! Ongoing back pain can be many things and can be simply your body saying something isn’t right. Listen to your back!

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