The Best Chiropractor For Arthritis

Is the pain in your joints while walking too much to bear? Well, chances are that you are suffering from arthritis.  Fortunately, there is a way you can reduce the pain from arthritis and improve your mobility. The Joint…the chiropractic place® NC is the best chiropractor for arthritis and can help you reduce the pain and swelling.

Types of Arthritis

You can suffer from the two most common types of arthritis. The first occurs as the cartilage in your joints wears out as aging takes place, especially in the later stages of life.  This primarily affects your neck, hands, knees and hips and can cause significant pain as the bones gradually grind each other without the protection of the cartilage.

The second type is brought about when your immune system attacks the joints in your body. As a result, the joints swell while the cartilage slowly decays. This is the most common type of arthritis and is easily identified with unique characteristics, which include swollen joints, fatigue, pain and stiffness after resting for more than half an hour.  This type of arthritis can affect all joints and last for many years

You do not have to allow either type of arthritis to slow down your movement. The chiropractors at The Joint …the chiropractic place® NC are your local chiropractors for arthritis and can ease your pain and increase your mobility.

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What really Causes Arthritis?

  • One of the factors associated with arthritis is genetics. Yes! If your immediate or even extended family has many cases of arthritis and/or you have a history of arthritis in your family, you are more prone to arthritis as you age. This should not give you a lot of undue concern though. Consider improving your diet as well as making a habit of doing gentle and consistent physical exercises. This not only improves your health, but also delays arthritis as you age.
  • Obesity. Excess weight exerts undue pressure on your joint cartilage, making them wear out faster than normal.  With a healthy diet and sensible exercise routine, obesity can be resolved and prevented. If you are obese, you have several options to shed your excess weight. There are several weight reduction techniques available, which over time can help you to get back to a normal weight.
  • Gender. As a female, your chances of getting arthritis are higher as compared to your male counterparts. However, several treatment plans for arthritis are available.  Talk to your chiropractor at The Joint …the chiropractic place®
  • An old joint injury. If, for instance, you rolled your ankle while playing soccer when you were younger, you have an increased chance of experiencing arthritis in that ankle later in life. Future complications from an injury can be alleviated when treated by experts.
  • Age. Generally speaking, older people have higher rates of arthritis than younger people.  One primary concern with regards to age and arthritis is the healing process. The cartilage in younger people has the ability to heal quicker than it does in older people.  This simply means the treatment plans can differ depending on age. Again, the chiropractors at The Joint …the chiropractic place® are experts in this field and can find an optimum treatment plan for people of all ages.

Why you need an Expert Chiropractor in NC

  • Specialized Care. Our chiropractors will handle your arthritis regardless of the type of arthritis. He/she will apply different techniques including applying mild pressure on your swollen joints, helping you carry out customized exercises or providing you with stretches made specifically for people with arthritis. You can rest assured that you’ll receive high quality services from our well trained chiropractors.
  • Consistency of your Records. Accurate and complete documentation is an important part of our practice.  This helps facilitate consistent, optimum care specifically customized for you throughout your care plan. Our chiropractic physicians will keep and update your records showing your progress with your arthritis, which helps determine subsequent treatment plans.

Though arthritis cannot be completely cured, it should not cripple you or reduce your movement. Take your first visit to one of our clinics today to understand our process. Consider better choices when it comes to food and diet to help improve your overall health and help alleviate pain from arthritis. If you have painful, swollen joints, contact us so that we can provide you with a chiropractor highly trained for treating arthritis.

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