Fall Boots – What Boots are in Style this Fall? – What Boots are the Best for My Back?

Fall is full of splendor from the colors of falling tree leaves to the wind, rain and sunshine. It is definitely the favorite season of many.  Staying sassy and fashionable during this spectacular season is so important. However, wearing boots should not be at the expense of your health.  We are always here to tell you all about the things that can improve your health, and so many of our employees and patients are women, that we are here to provide a little public service as well at The Joint!

Here is a review of fall boots that will help you choose the best boots for your back.

Boots that are best for your back

Boots that are best for your back

1. Booties – Booties are versatile shoes that go well with almost every fall look. When it comes to your back, stacked booties are more comfortable to wear all day long.  Dressy Booties are chic, and come in various designs including embellishments, girly stilettos and open toes.  They are not meant for walking, so only wear these during special events or dinners.  If you wear them, your Raleigh chiropractor is here to help at The Joint.

2. Moto Boot – Moto boots are also trendy and go well with a lot of casual fall looks. They come in various designs, and are very comfortable to wear.  Moto boots are safe for your back, thereby lowering your chance of causing any strain to your back.  Select a quality moto boot with solid soles and quality material.

3. Ankle boots – Ankle boots are trendy, convenient and very flattering for those with fabulous legs.  They are chic, versatile, comfortable to wear, and safe for your back. They come in various designs including pointy ankle boots, wedge ankle boots, stiletto ankle boots and platform ankle boots.

4. Over-the-knee boots – These boots reach up to 4 inches over the knee and can be made from suede, leather or synthetic materials. They are a sassy and classic and form one of the most must-have fall looks. These boots come in flat heels, low heels and high heels. Flat heels are the best for your back and good for long periods of walking.  Low heels are also good for your back; however, the ones with the chunkiest heels are the most comfortable.  High heels usually have heels of up to 3 inches tall, and they may be uncomfortable for people who are not accustomed to wearing them.  Also, it is worth noting that high heels can take your body out of alignment.   The higher heel shifts your center of gravity forward and your lower back strains to cover for this shift in body weight.   When this happens, you ought to seek help from a Raleigh Chiropractor. 

5. Wide-calf boots – These are short boots which fit a bit loosely at the top. They are very comfortable and trendy too.  They fit well for casual and dressy looks. When buying these shoes, you should be careful to choose the right size, and this will make them more comfortable for your afternoon stroll on a warm fall day.

6. Rain boots – Rain boots were first designed for their usability but have evolved into trendy must-have fashion pieces. They are comfortable to wear and do not put a lot of stress on your back. They come in various designs including wedge, fur-lined sheepskin, mid-calf, knee-length and ankle boots. 

7. Tall/ riding boots – Riding or tall boots usually reach just under the knees. They are classic and match well with most fall looks. They range from flat to high heels, and they are very warm and cozy for all day wear. 

Fall boots are fabulous, chic and classy.  Generally, fall boots with a flat sole are more comfortable to wear and good for your backs too.  However, if you are accustomed to high heels, they will go well with you. When buying shoes with heels, remember that thick, chunky and wedge heels are much better for your back.

Finally, selecting the best fall boots depends on your walking style, budget, usability and fashion taste.  Enjoy looking amazing, and come see your chiropractor when you wear your high heels!  Come visit the Joint chiropractor nearest you in Raleigh, Durham or Winston-Salem.