Overdo That New Year Resolution to Workout?

The Joint Chiropractic can help!

So you started off your New Year with that often repeated resolution to workout more. You hit the gym and start lifting weights. Everything is feeling great until….

Did you push it just a BIT too far?

Lifting weight has become a popular exercise regime with many people in recent years and is likely to grow in the coming years. Lifting weights help build muscles and keep them firm. Strong muscles are essential for keeping your body young and fit, no matter what your age.

Some workouts using weights consist of high-impact moves such as jumps (often while lifting a weight) performed for short periods with few breaks in between. If you are not physically prepared for such an intense workout, you may feel the effects in your back and spine.

A surprising number of people focus on the intensity of the workout and forget the most important variable – safety. Most injuries are preventable just by adhering to the safety-first precautions. Don’t use weights that are too heavy to handle. Always use proper form when lifting weights and never ignore pain.

Injuries like pulled muscles and ligaments, and joints that shift can occur for various reasons with lifestyle, occupational habits, and health issues. Regardless the cause, when you experience pain or discomfort in joints, or feel something is “out of place”, you may want to meet with a certified and experienced chiropractor – and even get a spinal adjustment.

The Joint Chiropractic – just “walk-in.”

The Joint Chiropractic chiropractors wake forest ncAlthough most people who are experiencing some pain know it is time to see a chiropractor, they still delay treatment due to busy schedules. Most chiropractors require an appointment. As a practical solution for this, The Joint Chiropractic at all of our convenient Triangle chiropractor locations are all available for on the spot walk-ins.

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With well-trained, experienced and highly qualified staff, they can supply comprehensive chiropractic treatments without prior appointments. This is beneficial for today’s individuals who live a fast moving life.

Additionally, these Raleigh Triangle Chiropractors have a network of clinics across the Raleigh NC area, making it convenient for clients to receive the services they need near their home. Every one of these treatment centers is equipped with the same level of professional, qualified, and experienced staff. Call 919-977-1717 now or visit their website to get more information!