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raleighVisiting a good chiropractor is NEVER a wasted thing! Visiting your  local chiropractor for pain relief, a quick adjustment, or even a more extensive chiropractic session, can not only help you regain or improve your strength and relieve stress, it also offers a lot of health benefits.

Finding the a convenient local chiropractic office in the Triangle  has never been this easy. The Joint at Brier Creek in Raleigh is conveniently located and offers chiropractic care with no insurance requirements. Our chiropractic services in Brier Creek Raleigh NC  are one of a kind!  With convenient walk-in services and very affordable pricing, The Joint is there even when things come up suddenly.

If you want to achieve your body’s full potential, you need to start thinking about your health. All of our Raleigh chiropractors are all experienced, many with YEARS of experience behind them, and all have their DC designation – Doctor of Chiropractic.  When it comes to spinal adjustments and can assist you to regain your strength and improve your mobility. No need to be concerned about aches and pains. With our licensed chiropractors, you can now appreciate a fuller, more active lifestyle.

A great number of individuals believe that chiropractic treatment is exclusively for old people and those with injuries. Our Raleigh NC chiropractic service is for everyone from little children to grandparents. Besides that, we offer specialized treatments for arthritis, migraines, spinal adjustments for work and sports related injuries and so much more. Want to make the most out of your first visit? Take a look at our introductory offer today. Make a move. No appointment needed. Call us at (919) 316-3090.

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Back Pain Therapy

Back pain is extremely common and may be foten treated with some simple adjustments.  Because our backs are involved in almost ANY movement that we make, even a small, but ongoing upper back pain/lower back pain can be just a constant annoyance.  People who have never HAD a back problem take these kinds of pains with a grain of salt.  When you’ve had ongoing back pain for any length of time, you realize just how important the back is to our daily activity.  Just getting up out of bed in the morning and trying to snap up while swinging your feet to the floor – pain. Any type of twisting motion is likely to send jolts through your  body. Bending over to do something as simple as put a cup in the dishwasher – pain. So many of our patients came here with back pain, and so many leave with a smile on their face and bounce in their step!
Our staff are familiar with these types of pain and we’re here in our Brier Creek office ready for you. Call ahead or walk in we have convenient schedules for YOUR schedule.  Often with a few adjustments, our doctors can take the pressure off of your nerve endings that relays the pain stimuli to your brain. It also improves the overall functionality of your back muscles. Learn more about our back pain chiropractic treatments.

Chiropractic Therapy for Joint Pain

If you are having joint pain, The Joint Raleigh has got you covered. Joint pain can be sports or work related. If you are having joint pains, it’s possible that you may also experience back pains. Depending on the cause and on the problem areas, our Raleigh NC joint pain treatment may include spinal manipulation, soft tissue massage and adjustment.

Chiropractic Therapy for Sprains and Strains

Having problems with an old sports injury? Whether it is an old injury or a new one, the Joint chiropractors are here to help you. With our Brier Creek sports injury treatment, we can rehabilitate and help you get back on track. With a renewed strength and mobility, you’ll be back to playing your favorite sports in no time. 

What to Expect from The Joint Raleigh Chiropractors

The Joint Raleigh NC location is conveniently located in the Brier Creek area. Easy to access from I-540 and Glenwood Ave / Hwy 70, you will find the staff always friendly and always ready to get you in quickly and get your problems reviewed and proper adjustments started!  One of the great things about all The Joint locations is that they are always available for on-the-fly walk-in adjustments.  Did you JUST wrench your back on a Saturday afternoon?  We are there and can help you. Quick treatment may even help prevent additional injury or aggravated conditions developing.

We are a treatment oriented facility and don’t focus on insurance claim injuries like many other chiropractic offices. Depending on your particular need, this can be exactly what you need.  We do not handle insurance of any type here. Simple pay as you go service. While there are forms that you will need to fill out, there are no lengthy insurance approvals to delay your treatments at ANY of The Joint locations.

Our DC professionals are all North Carolina licensed and many have YEARS of medical experience in providing exactly the kind of pain relief treatment that our patients expect. Even with all that experience, you’ll also enjoy affordable pricing. Want to setup regular monthly or even weekly visits? Not a problem!  Just speak to us or your doctor during your treatment and you will be able to take advantage of even better pricing.

What should you expect from The Joint in Raleigh? Relief ALL the way around.  Stop in today and see what we’re one of the Raleigh Triangle area’s FAVORITE chiropractic offices.

Arthritis Chiropractic Relief

Having problems with arthritic pain? The Joint Raleigh NC offers chiropractic therapy for arthritis for all ages. Our Raleigh arthritis treatment includes consultation which will determine your history and cause of your arthritic pain.  After the consultation our local raleigh chiropractor will check the problem areas and evaluate the severity of the condition. After the treatment you will feel a decrease in pain and an increase in joint mobility, however, arthritis has no cure and you may need regular visits to alleviate the pain.

Chiropractic Treatment for Neck Pain

With our expert care, we can help you treat chronic neck pain without the use of pain medications. The Joint Brier Creek NC neck pain treatment involves the use of various chiropractic techniques to relieve the compression on your nerve endings and to properly align your spine.

Headache Chiropractic Therapy

Did you know that chiropractic can be used to treat migraines? Headaches can be triggered by various factors and one of these factors is a misaligned spine. Our chiropractic Brier Creek North Carolina migraine treatment uses spinal manipulation to align your vertebra and reduce the painful stimuli. It also promotes blood and oxygen circulation to the brain. Aligning your spine also helps increase your overall physical functioning.

Start thinking about your health and make that call today. The Joint Raleigh NC is here to help you achive your optimum health through our expert chiropractic care.


Need more info? Come in and see what makes our clients trust us. Once you experience our innovative methodologies, you’ll wish all healthcare experiences are this convenient.

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