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North Raleigh ChiropractorsWith all of the endless work and chores that follow you in your busy life in North Raleigh, you definitely need a break to revitalize your body. And what better way to relax those tensed muscles than have a therapy with a licensed chiropractor in North Raleigh NC?  The Joint has recently opened a new location VERY conveniently located RIGHT OFF THE BELTLINE on Wake Forest Road in the Holly Park area right near the Trader Joe’s!  Easy on and easy off access.  How is that for convenience?

The Joint North Raleigh NC office, with its convenient location and extended hours, is no doubt the best chiropractic place. It’s true that it is really hard to put a price on your health, and routine chiropractic services in our area can be expensive. With our flexible packages and no insurance requirement policy, everyone can now enjoy affordable and accessible North Raleigh chiropractic services.

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Regain your strength and reach your body’s full potential with routine chiropractic care. Our licensed chiropractors have years of experience and can help you improve your overall health resulting in a more active and care-free lifestyle. Now you don’t have to worry about not being able to keep up with work or not being able to meet your responsibilities at home.

Hundreds of Raleigh Triangle residents now enjoy a more active lifestyle because of  our expert services. Kids, teens, adults and older adults can benefit from our chiropractic care. Aside from routine examinations and adjustments, we also specialize in spinal manipulation to treat back and shoulder pain, cervical injuries, arthritis and even anxiety. If you’re in pain or if you want to improve your health, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (919) 977-1717 . Feel free to visit our clinic anytime and receive our introductory offer of $29 which includes consultation, examination and adjustment.

Relief for Back Pain

Chiropractic treatment has worked well for many local Raleigh residents. With short calculated strokes, our chiropractors will reduce the tension on your spinal nerves, resulting in noticeable relief from your back pain. Using this technique, the misalignment that is pressing on your nerve endings is relieved and thereby reducing the tightness that you feel on your back. Our back pain treatment is one of our most sought after services.

Treatment for Joint Pain

Joint pain is commonly associated with work related injuries or even improper posture. And it usually comes hand in hand with back pain.  A lot of individuals use pain medication to alleviate joint pain, but drugs can be harmful and might be less effective after a few doses. With the help of our joint pain treatment, we can help you to manage these aches and pains without the use of pain medication.

Relief for Sprains and Strains

Sports related injuries can be avoided through proper stretching and by wearing the right athletic gear. Though we specialize in spinal adjustments, our clinic also offers chiropractic services for sports injuries in North Raleigh. Chiropractic techniques such as stretching and popping may be used to treat these types of injuries.

Arthritis Therapy

The North Raleigh Joint also offers treatment for arthritic pain. We have skilled Raleigh chiropractors for arthritis and we will make sure that you will be fully satisfied with our service. Arthritic pain can be experienced by everyone, but you don’t have to. Let our professional chiropractors help you.

Neck Pain Treatment

Have you heard of cervical spinal manipulation? This technique is usually used by our chiropractors for neck pain. During the therapy, you may hear a popping sound as our licensed chiropractor makes the needed adjustment. This technique will align your cervical vertebrae to reduce the tension on your spinal nerves that is causing the pain.

Chiropractic Relief for Headache

Chiropractic therapy can be used to treat migranes. Headaches and migranes usually happens when there is a misalignment in our cervical vertebrae. If you are looking for a Raleigh chiropractor for headaches, then you came to the right place. With the use of different techniques our chiropractors can reduce the intensity and the frequency of your migranes.

Let your first visit be your first step to have a healthier and happier life. Your health is our priority and we will make sure that you are satisfied with our services. Visit us today to experience The Joint in North Raleigh chiropractic care.


Need more info? Come in and see what makes our clients trust us. Once you experience our innovative methodologies, you’ll wish all healthcare experiences are this convenient.

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