Don’t Wear White Shoes After Labor Day. (But not all white shoes are created equal!)

The Joint NC - Wearing the Right ShoesWe’ve been told this for years! Don’t wear white shoes after Labor Day or white pants or carry a white purse for that matter! And really, why is that? Some law created by the Fashion Police of 1973? Who knows?!? Honestly, who cares. It’s no longer 1973 and we have choices. Like what KIND of white shoes are ok to wear after Labor Day.

You know what’s pretty ironic is that people tend to dress seasonally. They wear the colors that correspond with nature. And well, when do you find the most white in nature? Winter. Go figure. So as we wind down the summer and head into Fall and Winter, here are some great tips for choosing shoes (ok, white shoes) that are good for your feet and in turn are better for your back, no matter what you’re doing.

Shoes for Walking: A great walking shoe is a shoe or sneaker that is lightweight and provides great shock absorption.

Shoes for Running: Running can be hard on your body if you don’t prepare yourself properly and that starts at the bottom. Make sure that you have the right fit for a running shoe. Lots of local running stores are equipped to help fit you properly for your specific foot.

Shoes for Aerobics: Very specifically, shoes made for aerobic exercise should most importantly, offer you great stability and also lots of cushioning because you’ll be bouncing around a lot and that can have a big impact not only on your feet but on your spine as well.

Shoes for CrossFit: CrossFit can be hard on your body and you want to insure that you have the right equipment to protect yourself. Shoes for CrossFit should have loads of structural support and also be able to withstand repeated aggressive movements.

Shoes for Cycling: Actually, the type of cycling shoes that you buy are different based on the type of bike you have, either a mountain bike or a road bike. Both types should be a stiff shoe but the main difference is the cleat. For a road bike you’ll need a cleat that protrudes from the sole and for a mountain bike, you’ll need a cleat that is recessed into the sole.

Shoes for Hiking: When buying hiking shoes, you have lots to consider. One of the most important things to consider is the weather and what type of elements (rain, mud, sand, snow) you’ll be encountering.

Shoes for Mountain Climbing: When you are in the market for mountain climbing shoes, you need to really know what type of terrain you’ll be encountering before you can find the perfect shoes. Will you be searching for all day comfort, shoes for steep face climbing, bouldering or crack climbing. All require a different type of shoe.

Shoes for the Office: For women, what’s important is the heel. Not too high and wedges aren’t as professional as heels. And for men, something styling and shined (because no one likes seeing someone in a pair of worn out and unpolished shoes).

Shoes for Around the House: Ok so this is really where you need to draw the line with shoes. Studies have shown that there’s more bacteria on the bottom of our shoes than in a toilet. Yuck! If you feel the need for white shoes on your feet when you’re home, wear socks.

Shoes, especially white shoes, can provide us with loads of health benefits but if you’re just totally set on wearing white shoes after Labor Day, go right ahead! Just make sure that they do the right thing for your feet and for your body. If your gait is misaligned, it’s going to put undue pressure on your back and you could end up with back pain and good fitting shoes help your back. Your shoes are important. Any time of the year.

Happy Labor Day!